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Food Trends

What is the Healthiest Deli Meat?
If you enjoy a deli meat sandwich, you may be wondering what type of lunch meat is the healthiest choice for your meal. Not all deli meats are created equally, and certain choices are significantly better for your health than others. Once you know the nutritional differences between your different deli meat choices, you will be able to prepare a healthier sandwich. Read more on http://www.livestrong.com/article/519622-what-is-the-healthiest-deli-meat/

Top meat and poultry trends in 2015
INewspapers and news Web sites have spent considerable ink (or kilobytes) this year talking about the rising prices of meat and poultry products, and some pundits questioned if there would come a price point where consumers had to stop buying meat altogether. If there is such a cliff, the market hasn’t found it yet. Read more on http://www.preparedfoods.com/articles/115134-top-meat-and-poultry-trends-in-2015